Heroine: A Curse Destroying Nation At Its Core

Heroine: A Curse Destroying Nation At Its Core

Primarily older people address the teenage stage with a sense of suspicion. First, they recall how they were used to be in their own teen years. Second, they comprehend that hormones and growing anguish for liberty can transform soft children into angry young adults. As their kids enter their teen years, parents begin to mentally prepare for the turbulent times that lie ahead: academic challenges, break-ups, peer pressure and more. However, most parents are not reckoning that their teens becoming addicted to heroin. Tragically, a thriving number of casualties, as the number of heroin users in the teenage demographic happens to rise exponentially.

Heroin addiction was once thought of as a problem of the core urban culture – an issue that the outlying edges of society had to deal with. Today, however, heroin obsession also has become a typical crisis in middle-class America, and various parents are wondering how this has come about.

While heroin use in teens is on the surge in America, it’s crucial to note that most teens do not start out by using this illicit street drug. In numerous cases, it begins right at home with opioids prescription. As physicians have prescribed an increasing number of pain medications and opioids to adults, teens got abusing these medications to attain a euphoric state that is tough to obtain in any other way.



National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens stated, 0.7per cent of 8th graders and 0.7 per cent of 12th graders reported that they had manipulated heroin at some point during their lifetime. Different from other recreational drugs, heroin addiction can emerge extremely fast. Heroin addiction is hard to regulate, as users become almost completely hanging on the drug and the ecstasy it delivers. Overdose is prevalent, and fatalities are growing.

Various factors have endorsed the surge of heroin addiction in teens

Financial and social transformations throughout the last decade technological devices that were transforming daily life and it leads to Increase in mental disorders amongst teens —  More and more began reporting that they were encountering the symptoms of depression and anxiety. These aggravating and hard-to-understand conditions led teens to try mind-altering substances to feel better.

Heighten availability of prescription drugs — At the same time, doctors and physicians across the country were handing out prescriptions for pain, anxiety and depression medications. Prescription drugs were easy to come by and very effective.

A decline in parental approach and understanding — For many parents, the idea of their teens coming to be addicted to heroin was incomprehensible. They weren’t looking for the signs and symptoms of the disorder, and they didn’t realize that heroin use was rising significantly in all parts of society.

What Can Be Done to uproot this life-threatening demon?



Luckily nowadays parents are starting to understand the prevalence of this substance in the teens. Recognizing this epidemic is the first step, but the next step is to take action.

In this condition, parents should aware their teens about prescription drugs, managing pain and dealing with any emotional distresses that they might feel with empathy and awareness. A teenage athlete may be prescribed opioid pain medication for an injury, which can potentially bring addiction. Parents must provide their children with accurate information, valuable resources and support as they monitor any medications that they use.

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