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Our Outpatient Detox and Treatment Facility

The Luminous Care is a Outpatient Detox and Rehabilitation Center with comprehensive Treatment Programs and 12 step recovery, conveniently located in Pompano Beach (South Florida) to help you or your loved ones at our state of the art facility. Our professional, experienced and courteous staff share the same passion to help you choose the BEST treatment options available and make better choices for you, no matter how hopeless things may seem…

Substance Abuse Treatment Center

The Luminous Care

Our substance abuse treatment center offers a variety of services from interventions to Outpatient Detox to relapse prevention, which are all targeted at getting you or your loved one sober and on the road to recovery as fast as possible. Your sobriety and health are our number one priority.

Outpatient Detox and Rehabilitation Center

We offer a variety of treatment programs, including outpatient detox and intensive outpatient detox, along with several services, such as 12-step recovery, dual diagnosis, anti-craving medications and a variety of therapies to name a few.

The Luminous Care

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

rehab center

The process of Outpatient Detox removes all traces of drugs or alcohol from the body. The severity of the Outpatient Detox program varies from person to person depending upon the substance.

We offer outpatient treatment programs vary in intensity, which are combined with our counseling and education on wellness/recovery to address the disease of addiction.

Young Adult Rehab

We offer young adult programs that treat substance abuse in 18 to 25 year olds through special groups and techniques to address the challenges of this age.

How We Works ?

The Luminous Care

Our Treatment Services

12-Step Recovery .01

Specialists will guide individuals through the 12 steps and we bring AA and NA meetings to our treatment center.

Dual Diagnosis .02

Treat co-occurring disorders of mental illness and addiction issues using cutting-edge methodologies and counseling strategies.

Family Services .03

Family members are strongly encouraged to attend specific educational and therapeutic programs to learn about the disease of addiction.

Drug & Alcohol Relapse Prevention .04

Our case managers help individuals find their way in society once they leave our addiction treatment program.

12-Step Recovery

Dual Diagnosis

Family Services

Drug & Alcohol Relapse Prevention

Daily Education Groups


Anti Craving Medications

Holistic Therapy

05. Daily Education Groups

Our daily education groups for addiction are not only informative but also empowering.

06. Interventions

We believe an intervention brings together family and friends and creates a support network for each individual.

07. Anti Craving Medications

Prescribed by a medical doctor and works best when part of the overall treatment plan that is geared towards patient recovery.

08. Holistic Therapy

We offer individual holistic therapy healing sessions per week.

Who we are?

We have one mission in mind: To HELP!. Our experienced, professional and compassionate staff will help the client with the recovery and gain you gain the control back!

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Philosophy


We maintain a safe environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and dishonesty.

Family Involvement

We support and education for families and friends in a compassionate, respectful manner.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Mutual Respect
  • Passion

What Our Client Says

ashley pitts
ashley pitts
kimberln lands
kimberln lands
I work For luminous care and I can honestly say that they care about their clients they do everything they can to make them comfortable daily groups therapy sessions to help with issues that caused people to use in the first place to receive healing and also given the opportunity to go to work when the time is right so that they can start slowly going back out into society and be a successful OvercomerFrom drug addiction I love working for this place I am also a recovering addict So working in this field allows me the opportunity to share my testimony and and encourage them to do what they need to you to become sober and stay sober by experience I love to engage with the clients. I take my job very serious I have lost many friends due to overdoses and going to work and helping these clients means the world to me to know that I am making a difference their lives. I love to see lost her in broken souls turned into souls that can live without the use of drugs!
Anthony Allen
Anthony Allen
I came to luminous care in January. This facility had just opened. I was their 10th client. I had never been to any kind of treatment , program of any sort before coming to luminous care. Scared lost confused depressed lonely broken stinking no clothes money hope. I met a lady named JAZZ she hugged me i had not taken a bath in 68 days i tried to pull away out of embarrassment. She held me tighter. When she let me go. I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT SHE SAID TO ME. SHE LOOKED AT ME AND SAID. I DON'T KNOW YOU BUT I PROMISE YOU THAT IF YOU GIVE ME A CHANCE. I WILL NEVER FAIL YOU ANTHONY. In my mind i thought. SHE is just another person telling me what she thought i need to hear. But i had JAZZ all wrong. She along with the other staff. Went out of their way for me every day. Night. Weekend. I NEVER went without. They showed me a love and undesstanding . that was so genuine. Because of JAZZ and her team. I was able to get clean my first time in treatment. Because luminous care loved me through my anger outburst personal issues. Today i express my joy and freedom from my addiction and my pass. Not as a client. But as a x client who now works for luminous care as their FIRST GRADUATE. So to anyone who wants to know if luminous care works. Use this. My personal testimony. Going from feeling like nothing living like nothing. To HAVING 9 months clean. Now an employee of the process that i came through as the only answer you will ever need. All because JAZZ had a vision and a PURE HEART TO LOVE ME PAST UNCONDITIONAL..
Devin Harvell
Devin Harvell
I absolutely love Luminous care more then i can ever put into words. They REALLY care about their clients and are truly engaged with their recovery. They not only help and assist with a clients recovery from drugs and alcohol they help motivate and gradually introduce clients back into being a honest and productive member of soceity. The staff at Luminous care are physically and emotionally involved with the client more than any other place i have seen. I owe my life and new found confidence to this place and i will never forget it. If your seeking help from drugs, alcohol, and/or mental health i highly suggest giving them a call.
James Reed
James Reed
Ashish Tripathi
Ashish Tripathi
I would like to tell you guys about a one-in-a-million human being that I met, who has touched my heart in my life in such amazing ways that I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have the contact of The Luminous Care. The only explanation I can think of is that is just a huge blessing from God to have her working in the field that she is reaching out to people to try to help them change their lives. Her name is Yaz and in the world we live in today people like her are very few and far between and I can't do nothing but call her my friend and I am proud to do so! She goes so far over and above to try to help people that this job was made for her. And the knowledge she possesses it's just amazing! She is an asset to The Luminous Care in every way and because of her I give this rehab five stars! Way to go dear and I wish you all the best always and forever. Highly recommended.
Dylan McPherson
Dylan McPherson
Good place to be if you’re truly looking to get sober and slowly integrate back into normal living. They actually care and have good knowledge of recovery and the psychology behind addiction. There are issues here you might not like just as any other place you go, things aren’t perfect. Regardless, you can tell it’s actually not about money like pretty much all other places I’ve been too. They recently opened up and need time to get things together, but I respect this place more than anywhere I’ve ever gone, despite the issues with consistency and inconveniences.
Devin Bey
Devin Bey
Luminous care lives up to it’s name. I’ve been to numerous places in south florida and i always ended up relapsing in early recovery. This time is different, and I owe it all to Luminous. From the first day I walked in they’re office I was greeted with love and kindness and treated as if i was a long lost family member. They were informative on the addiction process as well as helpful when it came down to the relapse side. The tools they’ve given me not only has given me the ability to stay sober, but has changed my life as a whole. I completely destroyed my relationships with family and friends. Luminous Care was there for me when those bridges were burnt and stayed with me through the rebuilding of them. They made me feel special when i felt unimportant, they made me feel loved when i felt disgust and hatred toward myself; and they showed me not who i “thought” i was but who i really am and could be. It’s scary dropping everything and going to a new place with people you dont even know...but luminous made the transition easy and comfortable. When it came down to there IOP There groups where educational And therapeutic, exactly what i needed. Structured yet relaxing to the point that i couldn’t wait to return and do more which I’ve never experienced at any other facility. I praise there staff and the genuine concern they showed and continue to show towards me even to this day. All i can say is i wish i would have came to Luminous Care my first time of trying to understand addiction, myself and sobriety for i know i would have stayed sober. The experience I’ve had with Luminous care is an experience I will never forget and I am eternally greatful for there existence.
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis

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