Anti Craving

Anti Craving Medication

Anti craving Medication Center for Drugs Addiction & Alcoholism.

Anti-craving medication is prescribed drugs to be used to assist in modifying craving when a patient has stopped using alcohol or drugs. These medications work best as part of a treatment program which also includes a combination of counseling and group support. Anti craving drugs are not intended to reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

The more commonly used anti-craving medications act in one of several ways:

  •  Reduce the experienced cravings for drugs
  •  Reduce the pleasure of consumed drugs
  •  Cause severe physical reactions, making the consumption of drugs a very negative experience for the patient

Anti craving medication must be prescribed by a medical doctor and work best when part of an overall treatment plan geared toward patient recovery. In the specific instance of anti-craving drugs, the highly experienced specialists at The Luminous Care work together carefully to diagnose each patient to insure there is sufficient evidence to warrant prescribing such medication.