Admissions Process

The caring, professional staff at The Luminous Care is committed to working closely with each patient and his or her family during the entire admissions and recovery process. Taking that first step towards recovery can be intimidating and overwhelming for the patient and their loved ones.  Because of this, we have created convenient methods for a patient or a family member to contact The Luminous Care:

  1. Call to speak directly to an Admissions Specialist at Phone No
  2. Complete our online inquiry form on our Contact Us page and be contacted by an Admissions Specialist

NOTE: The Luminous Care programs are accepted by most insurance companies. Be sure to ask our Admission Specialist to find out your detailed plan and coverage. After your initial contact with The Luminous Care, your Admissions Specialist will begin to help you choose the best treatment program based on you or your loved one’s individual needs.  Admissions Specialists also serve as a resource for family members looking to do an intervention; we will provide contact information to an appropriate interventionist and help in securing an admission date prior to the intervention taking place.