Medication Management

Medication Management

Medication management is one of the processes of creating a complete and accurate medication list. It involves a complete engagement with the patients and caregivers. A complete and accurate medication list is the foundation for addressing medication reconciliation and medication management issues. The medication management tools will also help to identify patient behaviors that may be putting patients at risk for an adverse drug event, such as overdosing, underdosing, or missing medications, or other important contextual factors.

While treating any addictions, medications play a crucial role. The right medication can reduce or eliminate symptoms and significantly improve a patient’s recovery rate. However, mental health professionals are keenly aware that the effectiveness of medications varies from patient to patient. Although it may seem random, our trained professionals know how to account for various factors, including medical history and medication plans.

Medication management is an outpatient treatment that involves the initial evaluation of the patient’s need for psychotropic medications, the need for a prescription, and ongoing medical monitoring related to the patient’s use of the psychotropic medication by a qualified physician/prescriber.

  • Medication management includes monitoring,
  • reconciling medications,
  • and ensuring patients get the desired outcomes.

It requires a thorough review of prescribed drugs and their possible side effects to create treatment plans and monitor their safety and efficacy.