About Us

Our Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction treatment centers are located everywhere, but at The Luminous Care we offer a full continuum of care to assist individuals and guide them on the road to recovery through individualized treatment plans. The Luminous Care provides comprehensive, innovative and compassionate treatment programs for individuals suffering with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our unique drug and alcohol rehabilitation program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, with a team of addiction professionals including licensed and certified counselors, board certified psychiatrists, medical doctors, and a broad range of nurses, nursing assistants, all of whom specialize in addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring disorders. These highly trained professionals collaborate to guide each patient through diagnoses, individualized treatment plans, and aftercare.



It is Our mission to provide intensive, comprehensive treatment services to individuals who suffer from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. We establish cost-effective behavioral health care services, promote cooperative working relationships with behavioral health care professional’s organizations within the community, and establish a position of leadership in the delivery of private integrated comprehensive services in South Florida. The primary mission of The Luminous Care is to assess and meet the behavioral health care needs of our community by adapting to the new changes in healthcare.



The Luminous Care believes that chemical dependency is a treatable illness and that recovery and remission of symptoms can occur with the proper treatment. The focus of the treatment program is on psychosocial rehabilitation using education, counseling, behavior management, and peer support to introduce and reinforce abstinence, and move the individual into a productive lifestyle with ongoing involvement in Twelve Step programs of recovery.



We provide individualized treatment and education for the chemically dependent while embracing support and education for families and friends with a commitment to seek excellence. We strive to meet the therapeutic needs of Individuals by offering a safe, effective, and comprehensive program of rehabilitation. Our staff is able to identify and treat, or refer to outside services related problems and illnesses that result from the pathological use of chemicals, and provide case management services to link individuals to vocational, medical, employment services, and other community resources that will assist in restoring them to function.



The Luminous Care is a beginning step in the recovery process, which is a life-long project. In accord with this perspective, one part of The Luminous Care goal with each individual is to help them develop internalized hope and motivation for recovery and a concrete plan for continuing care. The Luminous Care expects anyone associated with this facility to uphold the highest standards of ethics and moral conduct and to maintain a safe environment.

The Luminous Care has one mission in mind : TO HELP.

We understand that the decision to no longer use alcohol or drugs is a huge decision; equally as intimidating is the reality of the entire life change. Our staff understand this process and is committed to help guide each patient through the fears, concerns and expectations that come with the recovery process. Our experienced and compassionate staff will help the client and family know that change and recovery is possible.

Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.