Trauma Resolution Therapy

Trauma Resolution Therapy

Trauma and Addiction

Addiction is a symptom of trauma. Our goal is to treat the trauma directly to help alleviate symptoms. Trauma can negatively shape a person and is central to addiction for many people. Our trauma therapy focuses on the traumatic events that occurred. Sometimes it is more difficult for a person to identify a traumatic event, especially if it was something from their early childhood. Other times, the event is clear, like a car accident or sexual assault. Either way, the first step of therapy is to identify the event and bring it to the surface.

Many people who come to addiction therapy with a history of trauma have pushed away from their feelings and emotions about the event for months or years. Bottling things up and ignoring them like this almost always ends in emotions surfacing in negative ways, and in this case, addiction. At first, many people are resistant to speaking of their trauma, but once they do, a floodgate opens and all stifled emotions can come pouring out. Our therapists are specially trained in this kind of trauma therapy and offer unwavering support and comfort during this process.

What kind of techniques do trauma resolution therapists use?

Examples of techniques being used include techniques drawn from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), replay and debriefing, art therapy techniques, and eye movement and desensitization reprogramming (EMDR). This last involves the idea that trauma causes the neural pathways to be organized in a certain fashion that needs correction to help the brain process the memory/experience. There are some links to this approach with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis.

It is naturally important to ensure that your therapist is appropriately qualified, registered, and keeps up to date. It is also important to feel comfortable with them – trust your instincts as it will be almost impossible to make progress if you do not feel secure in the relationship or at the very least able to discuss such feelings.