Relapse Prevention and Case Management

Relapse Prevention and Case Management

By utilizing models such as the CMT M.E.T Matrix Model and GORSKI-CENAPS Model for relapse prevention, a model recognized as one of the treatment approaches by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), The Luminous Care specializes in ensuring individuals take part in relapse prevention and case management to resist temptations that may present throughout rehab and long after its completion.

The Luminous Care case management services provide former patients the guidance, structure and accountability necessary for success.  Our recovery case management services support the patients to establish and maintain a sustainable recovery lifestyle by meeting each individual’s needs and schedule. All of The Luminous Care Case Managers are certified or registered addiction specialists and have extensive experience in drug and alcohol counseling. We work one-on-one with our patients in person, video or phone if they are out of the area.

In addition, our case managers help patients find their way in society once they leave the addiction treatment program. For example, The Luminous Care can help apply for government assistance, learning how to budget the individual’s finances, help find a place to live or employment, and our case managers are there to help and ensure a seamless transition into life after recovery.

The Luminous Care’s Case Management Services may include:

  • One-on-one meetings and phone calls with the patients to provide support and direction
  • Career advice, financial management, employment advice, comprehensive health and wellness, and goal setting
  • Meetings with family members to help to ensure the best form of support for the patients
  • Monitoring patient’s attendance at 12-Step or any other recovery program meetings, therapist and medical appointments, outpatient programs, etc.
  • Random urinalysis drug and alcohol screening, when required or necessary
  • Referrals for and help with navigating the legal system, if needed