An intervention is a carefully orchestrated event and an act of love to assist family and friends in convincing someone with an addiction to agree to treatment. Those participating in drug and alcohol interventions are usually people with whom the addict or alcoholic shares respect or they believe loves and cares about them.

It is extremely difficult to watch a loved one destroy their life with alcohol or other drugs or be unmotivated to change.  Most often, they are paralyzed by their addiction and unable to ask for the help they need.

Some general guidelines when executing an intervention are to:

  • Pre-arrange the admission to The Luminous Care prior to the intervention.
  • Make sure each member of the intervention is well-versed in their role and willing to convince the individual of the importance of taking steps toward treatment and recovery.
  • Make sure each member of the intervention knows what they want to say. Ensure there is one message coming across.

The intervention, facilitated by a trained interventionist, can help breakthrough the denial and fear of treatment and lead the individual to accept help.

Why use an intervention?

A general myth is that the individual had to “hit bottom” before being motivated to change. No person can easily survive without the support from their loved ones. Without the support of friends and family an individual’s addiction continues to be active and thrive. Family and friends feel that they are protecting the individual, but in fact, they are creating an unhealthy support system for the person.

At The Luminous Care we believe an intervention brings together family, friends and other concerned persons and creates a support network for each member and the individual. The support network in turn engages and empowers the individual to grow and change in a positive way.