Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol detox is a medical treatment that helps a patient to come out safely through the process of leaving the alcohol drinking habit after the addiction. The procedure can take place in either on-site at home, at an alcohol rehab center or a detox center such as hospitals.

At Luminous Care, we offer alcohol Detox Medication as part of our core treatment program. In such cases, the individual begins rehab as soon as he or she is done with the admissions process. Once the patient has gone through the completed the Alcohol detox process and other ongoing medications, he or she will be free to begin other substance abuse therapy to address the psychological aspect of alcohol dependence. Patients who are living with complex alcoholism should start their treatment as part of a comprehensive alcohol treatment program or Detox Medication program.

Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism, is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease.  Alcoholics experience an incessant craving for alcohol, and have a physical dependence on alcohol.

Alcohol Abuse is caused by a combination of several factors, including genetic, environmental, psychological, environmental, and social factors, including frequency of use, the user’s age, gender, and genetic background, if the individual has a family history, prenatal exposure to alcohol, and general health conditions.

Alcoholism can lead to hypoglycemia, hypertension, brain damage, heart damage, liver damage, and other health problems.  In addition, alcoholism can lead to birth defects if a female consumes alcohol during her pregnancy, not to mention, an elevated risk of many types of cancers, and serious nutritional deficiencies.

Alcohol Detox Treatment for alcohol addiction usually includes therapy, counseling, support groups and education.  At TLC (The Luminous Care) many benefit from joining our self-help groups or 12-Step program, while others seek out our outpatient treatment programs.  With the right help, you can overcome alcohol addiction.