Methamphetamine, also known as “speed” or “meth” is an extremely addictive stimulant.  This white powder is administered orally, by snorting, by injecting, or by smoking and adversely affects the central nervous system, perhaps permanently damaging the nerve terminals in the brain.

Methamphetamine users report feelings of increased alertness, concentration, self-esteem, libido, and energy, and many feel euphoric. In the short-term, methamphetamine users experience a variety of side effects, including hallucinations, obsessive behavior, and paranoia.

The long-term effects of methamphetamine abuse are quite serious.  Users experience mood disturbances, exhibit violent behavior, feel anxious or confused, have difficulty sleeping, and consequently methamphetamine addicts suffer from depression, suicide, psychosis, and heart disease.  Often nerve receptors in the brain are damaged and some are never restored, even after several years of abstinence.

At TLC (The Luminous Care) we believe most effective treatment for methamphetamine addiction involves comprehensive cognitive-behavioral intervention in addition to with monitored pharmacological withdrawal management.

Because treatment for methamphetamine addiction takes time, TLC (The Luminous Care) offers support groups and other provisions to prevent relapse.