Consequences of delayed response to your addiction

In the initial days of addiction, people think that they are not addicted or dependent on the substance that they eventually started using with the basic thought that they use it occasionally. As the surveys indicated that evolution of substance dependence is a gradual process which seems to have a simple pattern of increasing dose […]

The Best New Year Resolution: Perspective 2021 for America

    We have lost hundreds of thousands of Americans in war or conflicts. We decide the fate of a presidential candidate by the measures and implementation of our foreign policy with the key perspective of revising our military deployment strategy to minimize the casualties of our people. We have been witnessing COVID-19 pandemic. Since […]

The resurgence of COVID-19 And The Life-Threatening Situations As Never Before

The entire world was hoping towards a relieving end of the year as our homes were ready to be filled with auspicious brightness of X-mas tree and suddenly the resurrection of devilish COVID-19 damping the festive spirit. The new wave of cases is caused by a mutated virus which acquires its mutations in the body […]

Fame to addiction: A Journey not to be followed!

Why do we get addicted to drugs? We often tend to do things regularly which make us happy and feel rejuvenated. But what if we get prone to the habit of drugs?  Before answering this question another question that pops up is that why do people make drugs the part of their daily schedule? Addiction […]

Ways to a pleasant recovery

In recovery, it is crucial to avoid relapse by engaging yourself with the things you always loved, here are some ways of keeping you sober in recovery. Alter your idea of happiness For the past few years, your idea of fun might be linked to clubbing, drinking, or getting “away from it all” through substance […]


Alcoholics Anonymous is an international mutual aid fellowship with the stated purpose of enabling its members to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. AA is nonprofessional, self-supporting, and apolitical. It’s the only membership that requirement is a desire to stop drinking. AA says it is not organized in any formal or political sense. […]

Yoga The Ancient Way to Wellness

The human body and mind keep everything in it particularly Intense feelings and traumatic events that get recorded in the nervous system, only body-based interventions are capable so they can be fully released, freeing the mind as well. In order to develop truly sustainable treatment and establish long-term recovery, clinical approaches must be complemented by […]

From Dependence to Addiction : The Way of Opioids

Opioids are vital substances, whether they’re being used in a medically-directed way or abusing. Any use of opioids is likely to have a consequence to your health and wellness, but how that plays out varies greatly. Most people who use opioids regularly experience physical dependence to some extent, and others develop an opioid addiction. Comprehending […]

Care and Love : What Your Loving One Need After Addiction Treatment

When a loved one gets on with Addiction treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, a huge change can be seen in a short period. Get back your family member or friend home is a happy moment, but it can also be uncomfortable. Many people struggle to believe that their loved one has changed, or o […]


Steady alcohol abuse can seriously raise the danger of high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, weakened heart muscles, and several others, all of which might lead to heart disease or death. ● HEART ATTACK — Steady alcohol consumption can increase fat amount within the blood. This could cause a high amount of bad cholesterol. The extra […]