Another Star on the Collar – Our Recent, The Joint Commission Accreditation!

Another Star on the Collar – Our Recent, The Joint Commission Accreditation!

Over the years, belonging to a specialist segment in the health care industry, we have strived — and strived very hard — to make lives better through a continuously evolving process for improving our techniques and mechanisms, health care approach, safety protocols, and health treatment facilities for those who walk through our doors, seeking professional help to break free from the dark clutches of addiction.


Our extension of behavioral health treatment facilities, as well as home care services through nearby health care organizations or communities, have constantly been upgraded to meet patient care and safety goals, which have been revised periodically by pioneering standards and policy-making institutions such as The Joint Commission!


This continuous evolution of our standards, protocols, techniques, and approaches have leveraged The Luminous Care in garnering the revered Accreditation from The Joint Commission for our striving to achieve excellence in providing health care-oriented services in line with their established standards and paradigms.


We, at The Luminous Care, work for a particular segment of patients who have suffered a lot — physically, mentally, emotionally, as well as financially — for a certain period of their lives. Along with, their family members, near & dear ones, loved ones, spouses, friends, and some of them having kids and children too have traversed a devastating journey until they have sought our help in seeking treatment for their addictions and trying to break free of them.


For this definite purpose, our experienced health care professionals are trained in advising expert prescriptions or treatments to the patients, along with extensive education services to newer staff members as well as highly personalized treatments and observation schedules for patients of all kinds. This has helped us build a strong foundation of capable professionals within the premises of The Luminous Care, available at all times for the patients as well as any fresh batch of health care professionals which have joined us to help more and more people seeking our shelter!


Our entire staff works in sync with a tight pattern of planning and coordination in order to organize and strengthen patient safety efforts, and strictly maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety of care, treatments, and services of our patients. Furthermore, our quality control, live monitoring and response process systems have helped us improvise upon risk management and risk reduction at any given time, along with trying to minimize any delays in diagnosis, prognosis, treatments and scheduling of patient-doctor visits and further non-medicinal assistance in relieving from withdrawal symptoms and after-effects of quitting substance abuse situations. Our establishment of standards is to bring our core focus on state-of-the-art performance improvement strategies that help The Luminous Care to continuously improve the safety and quality of care, which can reduce the risk of error or completely eliminate low quality care!


This in a way has helped us reduce liability insurance costs, through enhancing risk management efforts, which in turn minimize our financial liability and thereby freeing resources towards improvement in patient care quality and overall health care treatment results!


Looking forward for years to come, with our constant efforts in maintaining highest levels of health care service quality and more personalized approach towards all involved with The Luminous Care!